Refurbishing and Service

Tablet press retrofit

Tablet press retrofit/refurbishing

Natoli have years of experience refurbishing all major brands of presses including Stokes, Manesty, Fette, Kilian, Korsch, Cadmach and many others. Our refurbishment team stands by their work.

Rebuilding and refurbishing an existing tablet press in a great cost-effective alternative for tablets manufacturing companies weighing the option off purchasing a new press. The cost difference can be significant sometimes. You are in good hands, our tablet press refurbishment procedures and equipment are state of the art. And if our engineers determine your tablet press can be rebuilt, your press will be fully refurbished to surpass the quality and functionality of the original press. Our technical support and troubleshooting specialists are also just a phone call away to assist you with any questions you may have.

Refurbishing and Retrofitting your updates tablet press can be a real money saver.


Our services include full diagnostic and an accurate assessment of tablet press components

Tablet press refurbishing

Tablet press retrofit/refurbishing

Carrying out and making an expert option regarding the state of the machine before calibration.

  • Calibration of Fette tablet presses in the scope off:
  • Calibration of the pre-compression force measurement system,
  • Calibration of the main compression force measurement system,
  • Calibration of the punch resistance measurement system,
  • Calibration of the ejection force measurement system.

Checking pre-compression and main compression strength on all types of tablet presses.

Assessment of consumption by means of die tablet sockets EU B, EU BB, EU D standard.

Assessment of wear using gauges of the upper section of the punches in the rotor: EU B, EU D standard.

Assessment of coaxial wear of the upper section of the punches in the rotor for die sockets – EU B i EU D.

Assessment of wedge guide channel wear in the upper and lower parts of the tablet press table - EU B i EU D.

Designing and optimizing the surface for equipment , matching typical solution and creating individual systems.

Technical consultation.